Here you can download this instruction manual with 12 activities that are part of the
CHEFS project and that we have carried out mainly during these two years.

The activities are based on the theme of our project, which is based on learning a foreign language (French, English and Spanish) through a country’s cultural heritage (festivals and legends, museums and monuments, music and dance, as well as culinary traditions). Each activity contains a first page with details about the activity and then there are assessments for both students and teachers, with some rubrics.

Our intention was to work and learn the foreign language inside the classroom, but above all, outside the school through Culture; and make our students understand that a language does not only concern the linguistic part, but we also learn when we cook, when we talk about a work of art, when we present the historical part of a city, etc. And when we do get involved, success is guaranteed. The fact of working with other countries has helped us to understand that in life there are many ways of seeing the world, that sometimes they are very close to ours and that, other times, they are further apart, although they are not less valuable for that.

We hope it is a useful and interesting manual that comes in handy!