The Official School of Languages of Osona was opened in September 2003 on the initiative of the Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya. It is a public centre, not a university, of modern language teaching for adults and young people after the age 14, which teaches English from A2 to C1 and French from A1 to B2, in face-to-face mode.

Official language schools also manage the academic certifications corresponding to these specialised lessons. These certifications are recognised throughout Spain, are official, validated by the Council of Europe through the European Framework of Reference and can be obtained both in official call, and in free call. At the EOI Osona there are two calls: the ordinary call for June, which examines for B1 and B2 both in English and French in official and free regime and for C1 in English only in official regime; and the extraordinary call for February, which examines for B2 of English only in free regime.
Our school is made up of 8 teachers, one adminstrative and one concierge. We have an average of 400 students per year and during the school year we also organise 30-hour language or language courses in English and French.


The Vardakeios School of Ermoupolis is an institute that organizes programs that focus on foreign language learning, basic educational skills and self enrichment. The school offers courses of Greek, English, Spanish, Italian, Russian and French language for local unemployed people and immigrants. The courses are aimed at adults and the students have the opportunity to be prepared for the State Language Certificates. Every year over 150 beneficiaries attend one or more language courses.
The school also organizes several intercultural activities such as storytelling from around the world, digital storytelling workshops, staging performances by multinational groups, cooking classes, multicultural culinary workshops, bazaars of Greek and foreign books, history of art and creative writing seminars, knitting and woodcarving workshops. We try to establish a learning community based on participatory learning so as a result facilitators and beneficiaries can easily change roles according to the activities and the relevant competences.
In addition the institute also operates as an information office for immigrants. The students, or anyone else interested can get information related to immigration issues and structures.
Since 2009 Vardakeios participates in European programs for Adult Education and has developed a strong national and European network of organizations that work in the same field.
Two full time administrative employees and 5 part time teachers are members of the staff of the school

LUETEC University set up in Naples-Italy in 2000 as a Third Age University. During the years LUETEC has established itself as a Lifelong Learning Education centre for young and adult people diversifying the training offer from year to year answering to different educational needs of students of all ages.
LUETEC gives rise to studies and researches in the development of new teaching/learning methodologies for young people and adults in different educational contexts.
LUETEC headquartered in the city of Naples as Organiser body of cultural events such as book presentations, festivals, and cultural meetings. The University also organises events which lead to the listening to Opera, theatre readings, piano concerts and other events related to give added values to the historic and artistic heritage of the city, also through the support of emerging artists.
LUETEC took part both as a coordinator and partner since 2000 in 29 EU-projects approved within European Programmes for Education and Vocational training: Leonardo, Socrates, Youth in Action currently Erasmus+. LUETEC has published manuals for teachers “LIVE English” Teachers: instruction for use in May 2006 and “ART FOR LIFE handbook” in 2011.

Centrum voor volwassenenOnderwijs Brussels Education Center is an institution in adult education as the result of a recent merger between three schools. It is a dynamic school with campuses at the Autonomous University of Brussels and in the municipalities of Strombeek and Vilvoorde, just outside Brussels. We offer languages courses as well as vocational training. This year we enrolled 15000 students between 16 and 85 years old with 140 different nationalities.

We employ 200 people: teachers, management and administrative staff. We focus on innovative and differentiated teaching methods representing the different needs of our students as well as helping them to evolve both professionally and personally. Our aim is to help people to integrate both in society and in the job market. We invest in new ICT driven teaching methods and try to guarantee high quality and communicative education. Our teachers focus on developing both productive and receptive skills and encourage independent learning. In all our classes we strive for excellence, professionalism and open mindedness.