Information Sessions on Erasmus+

On Thursday 13 June, the Foreign Language Coordinator and EOI,  organized an informative session on the Erasmus + program (school and adult sector).

Marta Pey, European Programs Adviser in Central Catalonia, talked about the program and the synergies with the eTwinning platform. At the meeting, 5 schools participated (of primary, secondary and EOIs) in order to publicize our experiences as coordinating centers and / or partners of a European project and encourage other people to participate in these projects:

 Elisa Morell · Escola Lluçanès · Prats de Lluçanès (Osona)
 Fina Vendrell· Col·legi Sant Josep · Navàs (Bages) 
 Judit Serra i Alba Sala · Institut Badia i Margarit · Igualada (Anoia) 
 Anna Vilaseca · Institut Pere Vives Vich · Igualada (Anoia)
 Vanesa Campillejo i Lídia Falomí· EOI d’Osona · (Osona) 
EOI Osona presented the CHEFS project (BEYOND THE CLASSROOM: CULTURAL HERITAGE THROUGH THE LEARNING OF ENGLISH, FRENCH AND SPANISH AS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE) that we started in September 2018 and will end in September 2020. 

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